THE ENDS: a film by Ethan Spigland

The Ends is a film by Ethan Spigland. It is composed of the endings of 165 recuperated films. It premiered at the Gowanus Open Studios kick-off at the Gowanus Ballroom, October 18-20, 2013.

OoRS on Governors Island: Writing On It All

SUNDAY, JUNE 23 at NOON Dance improvisor Jovanina Pagano, and OoRS officer Rachel Levitsky will facilitate an afternoon happening in a house on Governors Island, part of Alexandra Chasin’s visionary project: Writing On It All. Our happening is called: Against the Wall: Migration/Habitation/Erasing/Tracing Writing On It All invites people to write on every conceivable and […]

OoRS visits BAM Archives, speaks with Joseph Bradshaw

On March 6, 2012, OoRS’s Pratt class went to the archive collection of Brooklyn Academy of Music, located in Metrotech, Downtown Brooklyn. We learned about the making of a collection for this iconic institution–a collection destroyed twice by flood and fire, and ever being reconstructed and recuperated.

Office of Recuperative Poetics Exhibition

Working with Pratt students OoRS (under its intitial disembodiment as the Office of Recuperative Poetics) re-purposes an unrented store-front and launches a pop-up gallery and week-long exhibition and series of performances at 14 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn, NY.