Maya Carroll, Roy Carroll, and Christian Hawkey

Ingesture features a first-time collaboration between three different artists—poet Christian Hawkey, choreographer and dancer Maya Carroll, and composer Roy Carroll—and it sets in motion an open-ended, process-oriented investigation into gesture as it intersects in movement, poetic language, and sound. Gestures are intentional sensory phenomena that have no clear beginning or end (movement without finality) and […]

Valentina Desideri & Christian Hawkey // Decolonizing Gestures

Week Four at the Naropa Summer Writing Program. In 1933 the ground-breaking feminist and working physician Charlotte Wolff was arrested and briefly detained by the Nazis for dressing as a man; she fled to London (via Paris) and went on to publish two astonishing studies of chirology and gesture. The seminar is inspired by this […]

OoRS on Governors Island: Writing On It All

SUNDAY, JUNE 23 at NOON Dance improvisor Jovanina Pagano, and OoRS officer Rachel Levitsky will facilitate an afternoon happening in a house on Governors Island, part of Alexandra Chasin’s visionary project: Writing On It All. Our happening is called: Against the Wall: Migration/Habitation/Erasing/Tracing Writing On It All invites people to write on every conceivable and […]

OoRS to Present at Ecopoetics Conference

UC Berkeley, Wheeler Hall
Sunday, February 24, 8-10 a.m.

OoRS on Roundtable:
Ground Scores: Unburying Ecologies through Embodied Practice
David Buuck, Seung-Jae Lee, Rachel Levitsky, Ira Livingston, Jennifer Scappettone, Kathy Westwater

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OoRS aims to share OoRS’ transdisciplinary pedagogical strategies as deployable ecopoetics tools for practice. OoRS strategies are designed to encourage the rerouting of nostalgia into emergent fields of knowing and making and to maximize the use of a present and helping community in the making of constructing ideas, work and new forms. As we conceive ‘community’ to include place, objects and environment, we formulate our workshops and installations to be site-specific. Work that comes out of OoRS may be individually constructed and/or of a single discipline, but it necessarily emerges from conversation and border-crossing exercises. We will provide the materials and directions for conference attendees to try some recuperative strategies on-site at the Berkeley campus during the conference.

OoRS in Amsterdam

Friday, August 10th, 6-8pm. University of Amsterdam. More info and location here.

May Day U-Haul Rental Gallery

May 1, 2012

The second year of Pratt student projects coming out of the class: “Cultural Sustainability and Recuperative Poetics.” It being May Day, we created an off-site non-site in a rental U-Haul truck.

Sound Archive Workshop at Woodberry Poetry Room

January 13–20, 2012

(sample track by anna ondaatje)
Taught by Christian Hawkey and Rachel Levitsky, Recuperative Poetics features a week of classes interspersed with poetry writing workshops and guided creative interventions conducted by students, culminating in a final audio/sonic presentation. Our first pedagogical goal will be to introduce ideas of cultural sustainability and recuperative poetics, i.e. the importance of locating aspects of culture that are in danger of being lost or elided due to any number of different material and ideological forces: the simple “progress of time”; the relentlessly forward program of techno-capitalist innovation, including the waste and “junk space” produced by such a program; the continued obsession (informed in part by this program) with “newness” and “originality”; or the process of consolidation and reduction that takes place within institutional and bureaucratic structures, whether cultural or governmental or corporate.

Office of Recuperative Poetics Exhibition

Working with Pratt students OoRS (under its intitial disembodiment as the Office of Recuperative Poetics) re-purposes an unrented store-front and launches a pop-up gallery and week-long exhibition and series of performances at 14 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn, NY.