Maya Carroll, Roy Carroll, and Christian Hawkey

Ingesture features a first-time collaboration between three different artists—poet Christian Hawkey, choreographer and dancer Maya Carroll, and composer Roy Carroll—and it sets in motion an open-ended, process-oriented investigation into gesture as it intersects in movement, poetic language, and sound. Gestures are intentional sensory phenomena that have no clear beginning or end (movement without finality) and […]

May Day U-Haul Rental Gallery

May 1, 2012

The second year of Pratt student projects coming out of the class: “Cultural Sustainability and Recuperative Poetics.” It being May Day, we created an off-site non-site in a rental U-Haul truck.

Office of Recuperative Poetics Exhibition

Working with Pratt students OoRS (under its intitial disembodiment as the Office of Recuperative Poetics) re-purposes an unrented store-front and launches a pop-up gallery and week-long exhibition and series of performances at 14 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn, NY.