Breaking Broken Gestures

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May 9, 2012, 8 pm
Thierry Goldberg Projects
103 Norfolk Street, NYC

On April 14 & 15 the Office of Recuperative Strategies (OoRS) convened for a weekend workshop at the Trisha Brown dance studio, sponsored by the Millay Colony. OoRS seeks to generate research into strategies that intervene and repurpose the brutality of technocapitalism’s obsession with speed, newness, able-bodiedness, originality, and innovation, and the Millay workshop focused on gesture as an embodied field of continuous action where communication is suspended to reveal lush and non-static fields of communicability. Readers will share their kinesic flourishes, twitches, movements, interruptions, shrugs, tics. They include: Lizzy Crawford * Krystal Languell * Jillian Buckley * Leslie McIntosh * Caroline Crumpacker * Christian Hawkey * Corina Copp * Liz Roberts * Simone Kearney * Rachel Levitsky

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