OoRS visits BAM Archives, speaks with Joseph Bradshaw

On March 6, 2012, OoRS’s Pratt class went to the archive collection of Brooklyn Academy of Music, located in Metrotech, Downtown Brooklyn. We learned about the making of a collection for this iconic institution–a collection destroyed twice by flood and fire, and ever being reconstructed and recuperated.

Here are some images of things Joseph showed us and which we found interesting, (including a member ticket featuring Gertrude Stein’s upcoming lecture, and on which we modeled the flyer for our Uhaul Gallery reading on May Day) as well as a recording of Joseph’s great talk, specifically geared toward us, our ongoing search for and development of recuperative strategies, i.e. actively living and making in a landscape filled with loss, extinction, accident, outmoded technologies, and all the nearly invisible necessary things ever on the brink of their becoming.

Listen: Conversaton with poet and archivist Joseph Bradshaw

Gertrude Stein in Downtown Brooklyn, 1934

The Living Theater Lives!






















Futurity in the Archive: OoRS in Motion