OoRS on Governors Island: Writing On It All


Dance improvisor Jovanina Pagano, and OoRS officer Rachel Levitsky will facilitate an afternoon happening in a house on Governors Island, part of Alexandra Chasin’s visionary project: Writing On It All.

Our happening is called:
Against the Wall: Migration/Habitation/Erasing/Tracing

Writing On It All invites people to write on every conceivable and reachable surface in the house of a former military officer. From June 15th-30th, a series of workshops and events will take place in the house, led by a diverse set of artists and activists.

The Pagano-OoRs workshop, on the 23rd, will draw upon landscapes of migratory habitation by moving, writing, interviewing, archive making, and exploring some work with sound. People will work together and individually, by writing and improvisationally. A short description and information about registration is here.

Come be part of this emerging installation! Beings of all ages welcome.

Jovanina and Rachel will be meeting participants at both the Brooklyn and Manhattan ferries. We’ll be holding a big ballon between 11:45 and 12 noon. If you have any questions or concerns about meeting us, or finding the house later than that on your own, email yoors.net and we’ll do our best to make it easy.