Maya Carroll, Roy Carroll, and Christian Hawkey

Ingesture features a first-time collaboration between three different artists—poet Christian Hawkey, choreographer and dancer Maya Carroll, and composer Roy Carroll—and it sets in motion an open-ended, process-oriented investigation into gesture as it intersects in movement, poetic language, and sound. Gestures are intentional sensory phenomena that have no clear beginning or end (movement without finality) and that occur within layered adjacency (supported by bodies and speech, while always attempting relation). Ingesture foregrounds gesturality as a mode of being and feeling in the world, and it draws its inspiration the work of Charlotte Wolff, a 20th century German-British physician, sexologist, lesbian, healer, and chirologist, who wrote one of the first studies of palm reading, as well as a second book, The Psychology of Gesture. It premiered in Berlin at the Akademie der Künste, June 17, 2017,as part of Drei D Poesie series (Haus für Poesie and Poesiefestival Berlin). Video of performance here.