Millay Colony Weekend Workshop

April 14–15, 2012
Trisha Brown Studios, NYC
In this workshop, Christian Hawkey and Rachel Levitsky, co-founders of the Office of Recuperative Strategies (OoRS) will share their research into strategies that intervene and repurpose the brutality of technocapitalism’s obsession with speed, newness, able-bodiedness, originality, and innovation. Our focus as a class will be to encourage a memory-based politics that draws on poetic thought to invent new fields of vitality, desire, and dwelling. A wide range of recuperative strategies and media will be supported in this workshop (bring all ideas and projects in process!), including such practice-based interventions as archive investigation, field-research and recording, digital sampling, and the realignment of author/reader, subject/object positions. Writers of all genres are welcome. Participants will be sent an advance list of links to existing recuperative strategies and supportive texts. The workshop will document research and creative production and will conclude with a performance!