Valentina Desideri & Christian Hawkey // Decolonizing Gestures

Week Four at the Naropa Summer Writing Program. In 1933 the ground-breaking feminist and working physician Charlotte Wolff was arrested and briefly detained by the Nazis for dressing as a man; she fled to London (via Paris) and went on to publish two astonishing studies of chirology and gesture. The seminar is inspired by this […]

THE ENDS: a film by Ethan Spigland

The Ends is a film by Ethan Spigland. It is composed of the endings of 165 recuperated films. It premiered at the Gowanus Open Studios kick-off at the Gowanus Ballroom, October 18-20, 2013.

OoRS on Governors Island: Writing On It All

SUNDAY, JUNE 23 at NOON Dance improvisor Jovanina Pagano, and OoRS officer Rachel Levitsky will facilitate an afternoon happening in a house on Governors Island, part of Alexandra Chasin’s visionary project: Writing On It All. Our happening is called: Against the Wall: Migration/Habitation/Erasing/Tracing Writing On It All invites people to write on every conceivable and […]

Pamela Sneed on Poetry as Language and Intervention

“Part of my political work is to continuously assert the names and the work of black lesbian and gay poets.” OoRS caught up with Pamela Sneed, a New York-based poet, performance artist, teacher, and activist, during the Occupy Town Square gathering in Fort Greene Park, which took place on Sunday, March 25th, 2012. A small but resolute crowd braved wind and rain to listen to her talk and read poems.